International Visions

BIOVALENTIA: Biological Research Journal is a Sriwijaya Journal for International Biologists.

The future time, BIOVALENTIA: Biological Research Journal vision is to be a Sriwijaya International Journal of Biology.

The Editorial Team and also Editorial Board of BIOVALENTIA: Biological Research Journal have the international aspirations and orientations in journal publication for the next BIOVALENTIA: Biological Research Journal as an international journal.

BIOVALENTIA: Biological Research Journal can publish the higher quality manuscripts and metadata after it has have international editors, reviewers, and authors. The articles will publish the newest biological research results not only for local, regional and national issues, but also international issues. The articles can give implications on development of Biology science and applied Biology. Biology science is included Ecology, Biosystematics, Physiology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Genetics. Applied Biology is included Biotechnology, and the sciences derived from Biology science.